MVWeb is Being Decomissioned!

London Hydro is proud to announce that its MVWeb Interval Data Centre will be decommissioned during the 2nd quarter of 2016 and replaced with a superior service - the new Interval Data Centre (IDC) platform.

Accessing the new IDC is simple, it only requires a MyLondonHydro account. To get an overview of MyLondonHydro and how to access this system please click here.

If you already have a MyLondonHydro account please click on the "Take me to IDC" button below to access the direct login to the new IDC platform.

If you don't have a MyLondonHydro account and you work for an organization that does have an account, or, if you are a Third Party Energy Manager working for one of our customers, you can click here to learn how to become a delegate user.

Access to MVWeb (an unsupported system) is still available by clicking the button below.

For additional information, or for any questions or concerns, please message us at

Take me to IDC